TITAN's unique asymmetrical design and innovative features allow for flexibility in the field while streamlining the install process. The 3-rail design is an excellent solution for bifacial modules with low backside shading. With a reduced part count, integrated grounding and cable management, and rapid module installation thanks to the gravity clip assembly, TITAN is preferred by installers.

Spec Sheet



Standard Specifications

Engineering: ASCE 7-10 / CPP Wind Tunnel Tested
Grounding: Fully Integrated UL2703
Racking Coating: Galvanized; G90
Foundation: C-Pile
Pile Coating: G235
Tilt Angles: 5°-35° Options
Wind Loading: Up to 165mph
Snow Loading: Up to 100psf
Mounting Orientation: 2-High Portrait
Warranty: 25 Years


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TITAN comes standard with heavy gauge C-piles that provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining the strength of a driven I-beam. C-piles provide benefits such as additional holes for adjust-ability, heavier galvanized coatings and shorter lead times.

Gravity Clip

The gravity clip assembly has fully integrated module grounding, built in hooks that allow for rapid module installation, accommodates different module widths and provides positive locking to ensure the clamp won't loosen over time due to ice or vibrations.

Video Highlights

The TITAN series racking system comes standard with a C-Pile or Dual Ground Screw foundation.

  • Comes standard with C-Pile or Dual Ground Screw foundation.
  • Asymmetrical 3-rail design.
  • Gravity clip for lightning fast module installation.
  • Set-and-go module rail install.
  • Engineered hole patterns for in-field adjustments.
  • Excellent for sites with high degrees of topography.
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Advanced Modular
  • 4-High Landscape
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • PowAR Snap Clip
Ready Rack
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • Extreme flexibility
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Pile Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Screw Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
A-Frame Foundation
  • Screw Foundation
  • Uses 3rd party racking
  • Cost effective