The Ready Rack system is designed to be flexible. From large utility scale projects, to small residential projects, and everything in-between. The hardware design is a simple configuration that allows contractors to install at lightning fast speed with adjustable features built in.

Spec Sheet

Ready Rack


Standard Specifications

Engineering: ASCE 7-10
Grounding: Grounding hardware provided
Racking Coating: Galvanized; G90 - higher available upon request
Foundation: Helical, Screw or Ballast
Anchor Depth: Varies based on project
Tilt Angles: 5°-35° Options
Wind Loading: Up to 150mph
Snow Loading: Up to 100psf
Mounting Orientation: 2-High Portrait
Warranty: 25 Years


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Foundation Options

The Ready Rack system is compatible with helical, screw or ballast foundations, making it a great choice no matter what your project requires.


Helical foundations are available in 3.5" up to 10" in diameter, and are a cost effective option for most soil types.


Screw foundations are available in 47" to 85" lengths, and are ideal for soils that contain glacial till, cobble and hardpan.


For non-penetrable soils, the geo-ballast foundation offers a solution without the need for expensive concrete.


This system is made to adapt to any situation, including changes to modules, layouts and terrain. The simplistic hardware allows contractors to streamline the install process with adjustable features for challenging sites.

Video Highlights

All Projects

Snow Hill, North Carolina

6.5MW, Adv Mod, Soft sand install

Fort Mohave, AZ

Ready Rack, 2.4MW

North Richland, WA


Ready to get started?

Advanced Modular
  • 4-High Landscape
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • PowAR Snap Clip
Ready Rack
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • Extreme flexibility
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Pile Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Screw Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
A-Frame Foundation
  • Screw Foundation
  • Uses 3rd party racking
  • Cost effective