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Remington, Virginia 27.7 MW

The Remington Virginia solar project was a perfect fit for APA’s Advanced Modular Racking. The site conditions would not allow a foundation to be installed deeper than 32” into the ground which made APA’s small helical pile’s a clear winner. These piles were tested and proven to meet the project requirements with an embedment depth of only 28” deep allowing us to sit just above the known refusals at 32” deep. The modular cartridges were able to be assembled using APA’s panelization techniques allowing for rapid assembly of the extremely fragile thin film modules. Rates of over 5,000 Modules per day were common using a 25 man crew.

117 Watt First Solar Thin Film Panels

AP Alternatives Advanced Modular Racking

235,920 Thin Film Panels

6 panels in landscape per cartridge, 39,320 total cartridges. 

Total System Size = 27.7 MW DC.

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