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Breesport, New York 2.7 MW

The Breesport solar project is one was a great project for APA's Advanced Modular racking system with a ground screw foundation. This project is located on the side of a mountain with extreme areas of topography and rocky terrain. APA has received several compliments on how aesthetically pleasing the array looks as it follow the terrain. APA worked closely with our customer on this system to make sure it met the specific site requirements they were faced with. Once the site design was complete, APA's installation team built the project to schedule even with having to face record highs in rainfall. The ground screw was a great solution for the rocky Northeast soils.

7,992 Hanwha 72 cell modules

4 high in landscape

Advanced Modular Racking with Ground Screws

Total System Size = 2.7MW DC

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