Engineering:  ASCE  7-10/CPP  Wind  Tunnel  Tested
Grounding: Fully Integrated UL2703
Rack Coating: Galvanized; G90
Screw Coating: ATSM 123
Wind Loading: Up to 165mph
Snow Loading: Up to 100psf
Mounting Orientation: 2 High Portrait
Warranty: 25 Years
Foundation: Dual Ground Screws
Tilt Angles: 5-35 degree tilt options


APA’s  TITAN  Duo  can  tackle  even  the  most  challenging  of  sites.    The  dual  ground  screw  foundation is the perfect solution for glacial till, cobble, hardpan and even solid bedrock.  The heavy  walled  tube  and  welded  connections  allow  for  massive  amounts  of  torque  and  pressure  to  be  applied  helping  the  screw  to  advance into even the toughest soils.

Titan Duo Logo

Designed by installers for installers, the TITANis the most advanced hardware in the industry.   The  TITAN’s  unique  asymmetrical  design  and  innovative  features  allow  for  flexibility  in  the  field  while  streamlining  the  install  process.    The  3-rail  design  is  an  excellent  solution  for  bifacial modules with low backside shading.With the lowest part count per MW, integrated grounding  and  cable  trays,  and  30%  faster  module  install  speed,  the  TITAN  is  installers  preferred   choice.      The   TITAN   Duo   comes   standard with dual 3” diameter ground screws for rocky soil conditions.

In business since 2008, APA offers the most versatile line of racking and foundation solutions for projects in even the most challenging environments.  With projects nationwide, APA is a trusted quality racking partner.