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72 Cell and 60 Cell Framed Modules

The Ready Rack mounting hardware is designed for both large utility scale projects and small commercial projects. The hardware design is a simple configuration that allows contractors to install at lighting fast speed with integrated adjustability features for challenging sites. The small helical anchors and quick install cross bracing make the simple system extremely robust even for high wind zones.


The mini-tilt brackets are adjustable and allow for quick field alignment of the post height. This allows the anchor posts to be installed rapidly and any terrain variation can be accounted for by simple adjusting the tilt bracket up or down. This allows the installer to easily achieve the best possible visual aesthetics on an ungraded site.


The AP Alternatives helical anchor can be installed with our fully automated dual anchor drivers for large projects or our single point units for small projects. With APA's anchoring system, we are ale to install at shallow depths of 36 inches, depending on soils and frost. This technology allows for a fast, low cost installation.                


AP Alternatives has designed and manufactured a unique module specific clip that is user friendly and cost effective for installers. The clip allows for a rapid installation while providing a firm grip on the module for long term and trustworthy support. The clip is the only component installers need to lock modules in place.



Quick Install: Simple Design that is quickly Mastered!
Shallow Helical Anchors: Driven just below frost depth in most cases.
High Ground Clearance: Adjustable front lip height options.
Quick Bracing: APA uses stainless steel aircraft cabling to provide rock solid rigidity to our 4-post design hardware.
Foundation Options: Helical Anchors can be used on larger projects and post can be installed with concrete for small projects.
Installer Friendly: The APA Rail-to-Rail design accommodates post location variability. The cross bracing clamp easily accommodates all variability.
Interlocking: Rows can be constructed to any desired length.


Racking Material: High Strength Steel
Corrosion Resistance: G90 Galvanized. Higher coating options are available if required.
Snow Load: 0 psf to 35 psf (higher load options available)
Wind Load: Up to 150mph (standard design 105mph)
Tilt Angle: Customer Specified (5-30 Degrees)
Anchor Depth: Design based on soil type and frost line. Testing performed by APA before installation to confirm soil bearing loads.
Building Code Compliant: ASCE7-05 and ASCE7-10
PE Stamped Drawings: APA Drawings can be PE stamped for all 50 states and territories.

Please Note: The Ready Rack System can accommodate all major modules, however, system dimensions and specifications can change due to different module sizes or system requirements. For the most accurate and up to date information please contact us.

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