APA’s  ground  screws  are  designed  for  sites  with rock. The forged tip helps lead the screw straight  and  plumb.  The  threads  of  the  screw  bite and hold firmly into the soil without getting caught on rocks and cobbles. The heavy walled tube  and  welded  connections  allow  massive  amounts of torque and downward pressure to be  applied  helping  the  screw  to  advance  into  even the toughest soils.


Several  types  of  equipment  can  be  used  to  install  APA’s  ground  screws.  Skid  loaders  or  mini  excavators  with  an  auger  attachment  are  among  the  most  common  installation  equipment.   Many   drilling   contractors   can   use  a  simple  adaptor  to  drive  ground  screws  without  buying  new  equipment.  Most  pile  driving  rigs  can  be  converted  to  rotary  heads  with little effort.


APA Ground Screws are manufactured for even the most challenging solar sites. Our ground screws use heavy walled tubing for the main shaft of the screw. The tips of the screw are forged, making them extremely hard, this is essential to help it penetrate into or pass by underground obstructions. The threads are welded with a patented automated welding process to provide a consistent and strong weld along the entire length of the thread. Ground screws come with a durable hot dipped galvanized coating that will protect them from corrosion.

In business since 2008, APA offers the most versatile line of racking and foundation solutions for projects in even the most challenging environments.  With projects nationwide, APA is a trusted quality racking partner.