Material: High Strength Steel
Corrosion  Protection: Hot Dip Galvanized; ATSM 123
Foundation: Ground Screw or Helical Pile
Foundation  Depth: Based on soil type and frost depth
Adjustability: 20” with telescoping posts
PE Stamp: APA Drawings can be PE stamped for all 50 States and territories


APA’s dual post design is ideal for tracker sites with challenging soils or ground frost considerations. Traditional piles rely on skin friction for pull out values and combat frost heave through very deep embedment depths. With a dual post system, the loads are spread out differently allowing lighter weight material, less  surface area and shallow depths just below the frost line. APA’s helical and ground screws do not rely on skin friction and mitigate the risk of frost heave through their design.


The A-Frame  foundation makes installing solar tracker systems on sites with difficult soils and topography more economical. If a single driven pile cannot drive to depth or achieve the required loads, look to APA’s A-Frame foundation  for a ground screw or helical option. The ground screw allows trackers to be installed on sites with rock, bedrock, glacial till or caliche soils faster and more cost effective than traditional piles. On sites with soft, organic or sandy soils, APA’s helicals are an excellent solution.

In business since 2008, APA offers the most versatile line of racking and foundation solutions for projects in even the most challenging environments.  With projects nationwide, APA is a trusted quality racking partner.