Solar Solutions – Turnkey Services

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                                                                                            Solar Solutions – Turnkey Services

                                                                                             APA’s Solar Solutions Blog Series


(Ridgeville Corners,OH, October 17):  APA’s third blog in our Solar Solutions series focuses on the importance of having a turnkey solution and how it helps PM’s save time and resources.

With all the moving pieces in solar, it’s no secret that project delays are becoming part of the norm due to board approvals, PPA agreements, interconnects, financing, permitting and a host of other unforeseen reasons.  Once the green light is finally given, customers often demand a quick installation on a fast track timeline.  Furthermore, it’s a race against the clock as the calendar year pushes into the fourth quarter and deadlines for EOY installation approach.

As timelines get delayed and projects overlap each other, project managers can quickly get overloaded by juggling multiple projects at once.  Hiring more skilled project managers isn’t as easy as it seems with this skill set in high demand and a severe shortage of qualified individuals.  Even with the best project control systems in place and utilizing dashboards, key performance indicators, and critical call out’s, the sheer time it takes to manage such systems can be daunting.

Flawless execution is critical to a company’s viability in such a competitive industry.  Project managers should spend their time on big decisions that have significant impact on the project performance. Unfortunately, some of the smallest details weigh big on stealing much needed time.  This is especially true when end of year construction climaxes and a PM’s time is split among multiple projects.  

APA has seen more and more companies move toward a turnkey solution.  By bringing the manufacturing and installation process under one roof, project managers can breathe a little easier.  The turnkey delivery consolidates multiple contracts into a single point of accountability.  The result should be certainty of schedule and cost, reduced contract execution time, minimizing change orders, faster decisions, and the ability to communicate with one individual for all things project related.  About 80% of APA’s projects are turnkey, and even with material only sales, a project manager is assigned to every project to ensure a smooth process.

APA is first and foremost a racking manufacturer, but has evolved into a full mechanical turnkey installation partner with many customers.  APA works with the customer in the actual design of the project and can mitigate any construction related problems before breaking ground.  Changes on paper are certainly easier and more cost-effective than after the installation has begun.  



APA’s years as an installation partner provides insight that designers may not have.  Issues such as working around underground utilities, topography adjustments, and variations in soil types can be addressed swiftly and creatively.  Many times, APA can recommend using multiple foundations on a site to accommodate various soil types and manage costs.

For example, a proposal may include a helical foundation for 60% of the site and a ground screw for the remaining 40% due to areas with rock.  The cost savings can be significant versus a 100% ground screw solution.  

For the project manager, a mechanical turnkey solution means managing less subcontracts and more time for critical decisions at the highest level without being inundated with minute details.  Real time project updates are sent daily and represent the entire project scope with design, manufacturing and installation.

APA’s CEO, Josh Von Deylen, stated, “Knowing the product and seeing it all the way from raw steel to being in the ground saves time, and inturn money.  We lessen the learning curve by having one group do multiple parts of the project, which ultimately lowers the risk of poor communication and makes overcoming obstacles uncomplicated.”

APA Solar Racking is a turnkey manufacturer and installer of fixed tilt ground mount racking solutions for commercial and utility projects. APA offers the most versatile foundations in the industry including helicals, ground screws, and a concrete-free ballast system.  Contact the APA sales team for more information or to get a project quote.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Logan Pant at (419) 377-8809 or email at




October 17, 2018

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