Solar Coming to the South Pacific

AP Alternatives (APA) is proud to be part of the team bringingsolar to the remote South Pacific. The project location has no major islands ormainlands within 2,100 miles making the construction a huge task withtremendous upfront planning. The limited facilities on the island also propose otherobstacles not normally seen in solar construction. The main reason for thesolar installation is to reduce dependence on diesel fuel and the exponentialcost of the barges transporting the fuel to the island. The solar array,consisting of 2,310 panels, will provide energy security and storage forcritical systems on island.  

APA’s Ready Rack is a great fit for this project because itwas customized to withstand a category 3 hurricane for the location.  The island, like most islands, is subject toextremely high wind speeds and difficult terrain with coral rock embedded intothe soil, making APA’s dual post shallow helical anchors a perfect fit. Thedual posts working together provide the robust support needed to withstandhurricane winds. The shallow helical anchors reduce the embedment depth whichallows them to stay out of the heavy coral rock located deeper in the soil.




September 7, 2018

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