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As everyday passes we get closer to the end of 2019 and potentially the reduction of the ITC from 30% to 26%. One of the best options for keeping the 30% ITC is to purchase Safe Harbor product in 2019 that can be used in 2020 or 2021. Solar racking is the best option to Safe Harbor because it’s universal. APA TITAN hardware can be used with all 72-cell module in the industry.

Modules are main components of a solar project and can fluctuate in price and amiability. APA took a unique approach to the TITAN hardware module attachment, to allow for 100% versatility with 72-cell modules. Many other fixed tilt racking systems in the industry are all custom designed per module or grouping of modules. There are many different 72-cell modules in the industry and they have different widths and hole patterns. This forces many racking companies to have different versions of the same hardware to accept different groups of 72-cell modules. This grouping of modules keeps the racking universal but only to certain modules with similar frame sizes or bolting patterns. This standard/custom racking for grouping of modules can greatly limit the customer’s ability to source modules in the future. APA’s TITAN hardware was designed specifically to eliminate this grouping of modules and allow one set of hardware to accommodate all 72-cell modules.

The TITAN’s versatility allows APA customers to Safe Harbor the solar racking but still be able to source any 72-cell module, use multiple module manufacturers on the same project, and switch module inventory from one project to another before the build.

Hardware Only –Customers can choose to purchase only the racking portion of the hardware and not the foundation. Many sites that are using the Safe Harbor hardware have not completed extensive foundation testing. The TITAN hardware is so universal it can be used with different foundations with a wide range of tilt angles and different front lip heights. All of these items are tied to the foundation,which can be purchased once onsite foundation testing is completed in the upcoming years.

Foundations Only– Customers can choose to purchase foundations only for their 2019 Safe Harbor. APA can produce custom piles in 2 weeks and have them delivered to the site. APA is also inventorying a large quantity of ground screws for the 2019 year end Safe Harbor product.  

APA offers a wide range of utility and commercial fixed tilt ground mount racking hardware including:  the TITAN Series, Advanced Modular and Ready Rack systems. We also offer a wide range of helical anchors, driven piles, and ground screws. Check out our website for more details on our products or visit us at Solar Power International in Salt Lake City Utah Booth #4155!




September 19, 2019

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