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High Topography-Solar Solutions

Read our first blog in our Solar Solutions series! We discuss high topography in solar fields and how APA overcomes this obstacle without grading requirements.

Melanie Garza
July 23, 2020

All too often a beautiful piece of land is slated for a solar array, but after the topography study, civil engineering experts may require a significant amount of grading.  Grading can include both cutting or removing the quantities of soil and fill or building up the soil.  Many times the high cost of grading can exceed the project budget causing the project to be abandoned.

One unique difference in APA Solar Racking is that our racking systems are designed in a continuous row, allowing us to flow with the topography.   As AP Alternatives CEO Josh Von Deylen says the APA racking gives a “Solar Wave”.

In solar racking the typical topography tolerances are 9-12% with a traditional table design. Josh Von Deylen said “We design versatility in brackets and rails to accommodate high topography and allow the system to roll with the grade”. When comparing costs, it is much more cost effective to roll with the grade compared to bringing in civil work to flatten the land. This makes the solar field look more aesthetically pleasing because the land matches the hilly surroundings.

The Ready Rack and Advanced Modular racking solutions can easily work with 15% slopes and within house engineering have done up to 30% slopes. The versatility of the products at APA is shown in the attached pictures. Money and time are saved on multiple products as well as not grading the land and natural environment. A product that is unique will always stand apart.

APA Solar Racking is a turnkey manufacturer and installer of fixed tilt ground mount solar racking.   Our racking is unique with dual post shallow micro helical anchors making it ideal for poor soil conditions.  Please contact us at to learn more.