TITAN's unique asymmetrical design and innovative features allow for flexibility in the field while streamlining the install process. The 3-rail design is an excellent solution for First Solar Series 6 modules. With a reduced part count, integrated grounding and cable management, and rapid module installation thanks to the gravity clip assembly, TITAN is preferred by installers.

Spec Sheet

TITAN & First Solar Series 6


Standard Specifications

Engineering: ASCE 7-10 / CPP Wind Tunnel Tested
Grounding: Fully Integrated UL2703
Racking Coating: Galvanized; G90
Foundation: C-Pile or Dual Ground Screw
Pile Coating: G235
Tilt Angles: 5°-35° Options
Wind Loading: Up to 165mph
Snow Loading: Up to 100psf
Mounting Orientation: 2-High Portrait
Warranty: 25 Years


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Series 4

Pair the First Solar Series 4 module with our Advanced Modular system in a 6-high landscape design. Available with helical, ground screw or ballast foundation options.

Series 6

Pair the First Solar Series 6 module with either the heavy gauge C-Pile or dual ground screw, and find the ideal solution with TITAN.

Project Spotlight

Perrysburg, OH - Penta County Career Center featuring AP Alternative's TITAN C-Pile racking and First Solar Series 6 modules. Watch the ABC News video, detailing the project.

All Projects

Perrysburg, OH


Otsego, OH


Remington, VA


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Advanced Modular
  • 6-High Landscape
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • First Solar Series 4
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Pile Foundation
  • First Solar Series 6
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Screw Foundation
  • First Solar Series 6