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AP Alternatives (APA) is a family owned company founded in 2008 as a spin-off of its world –class automotive parent company, Alex Products Inc. in an effort to dedicate resources for the development of diversified products. With the downturn in the economy crushing automotive volumes in 2008, APA began developing ideas to use the same world-class performance and automation in the surging solar market. APA looked at developing a system designed with simplicity, cost, and speed-of- installation in mind.

APA attributes its rapid success to excellent customer service, manufacturing capabilities, 12 years of advanced racking engineering, proven success in the field, and the most robust quality assurance program. APA’s goal is not only to be the most cost effective racking solution in the industry, but also to bring a “team” mentality to every project. It is the commitment of APA to work with developers, contractors, and EPC’s in order to maximize efficiency, drive costs down, and complete successful projects.

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