The dual post design is ideal for tracker sites with challenging soils or ground frost considerations. Traditional piles rely on skin friction for pull out values and deep embedment depths to combat frost heave. With a dual post system, the loads are spread out differently allowing for lighter weight material, less surface area and shallower depths.

Spec Sheet

A-Frame Tracker Foundation


Standard Specifications

Material: High Strength Steel
: ATSM 123
: Helical or Screw
Anchor Depth
: Varies based on project
: 20" with telescoping posts
PE Stamp
: APA Drawings can be PE stamped for all 50 States


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Foundation Options

The A-Frame Tracker Foundation is compatible with helical or ground screw options.


Helical foundations are available in 3.5" up to 10" in diameter, and are a cost effective option for most soil types.


Screw foundations are available in 47" to 85" lengths, and are ideal for soils that contain glacial till, cobble and hardpan.


Straight-forward offering that's easy to install and flexible on site.

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Advanced Modular
  • 4-High Landscape
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • PowAR Snap Clip
Ready Rack
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • Extreme flexibility
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Pile Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Screw Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
A-Frame Foundation
  • Screw Foundation
  • Uses 3rd party racking
  • Cost effective