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Check out our First Solar Series 6 page to see how TITAN and TITAN Duo are the perfect fit for your project!

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From design to commissioning, we're with you every step of the way
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Versatile racking and innovative designs
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Designed by installers, for installers

Backed by 12 years of proven success
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Mitigate your risk with the right foundation
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Design. Engineer. Manufacture. Install.

As one of the leading solar racking companies in the United States, we have earned that position by continuously evolving our products to drive down hardware and installation costs, saving our customers time and money. This commitment has led to innovative solutions and a comprehensive product offering.

The #APAdvantage

We believe that the key to a successful solar project lies with the partners involved. So what do you get when you work with APA?

  • Experience: 12 years in the solar racking industry.
  • Innovation: Continuously developing new ways to better serve our customers.
  • Cooperation: A team mentality brought to every project.
  • Ownership: Beautiful sites to be proud of.
  • Comes standard with C-Pile or Dual Ground Screw foundation.
  • Asymmetrical 3-rail design.
  • Gravity clip for lightning fast module installation.
  • Set-and-go module rail install.
  • Engineered hole patterns for in-field adjustments.
  • Excellent for sites with high degrees of topography.
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Experts on challenging sites

We haven't found a site that we can't build. Our versatile line of racking foundations include solutions for any soil type. With our in-house team of engineers, we will study your site and make our recommendations.

  • C-Pile: Ideal for soils with few obstructions and soils that allow high skin friction.
  • Ground Screw: Best suited for rocky soils, hard pan or bedrock, and clay.
  • Helical: Ideal for high water tables, soft soils, deep frost lines, and shallow bedrock.
  • Geo Ballast: Best suited for areas of non-penetrative soils, such as landfills.

We do more than just hardware - we provide you with a true competitive advantage

For over 12 years, we have offered in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services, in order to provide our customers exceptional value.

About Us


Our 12 years of experience has lead us to develop one of the most comprehensive fixed-tilt, ground mount product offerings in the industry. No matter your site's requirements, we've got you covered.


Featuring a C-pile foundation and the gravity clip assembly in a 2-High Portrait orientation. Ideal for large utility or commercial applications.


Comes standard with our dual ground screw foundation and the gravity clip assembly in a 2-High Portrait orientation. Ideal for applications where soil conditions are poor.

Advanced Modular

Features the PowARSnap Clip in a 4-High Landscape orientation, and can be paired with either our helical, ground screw or ballast foundation.

Ready Rack

Designed in 2-High Portrait, Ready Rack is the ideal solution for installers who need flexibility, and can be paired with our helical, ground screw or ballast foundation.


Our mission is to help promote clean energy throughout the U.S. by designing, engineering and manufacturing an innovative racking system that saves our customers time, energy and money. What does that mean?


We work with our customers to determine the best system that will meet their needs.


Our in-house team of engineers carefully review each project to ensure maximum value for our customers.


Components are manufactured using high quality materials and delivered directly to your site.


Both turnkey and certified installer programs are available for customers to choose from.


Not every customer is the same, which is why we offer a variety of hardware options, as well as services such as foundation testing, engineering and installation, to help meet your project's needs.


  • Ready Rack - 2-High Portrait with helical, screw or ballast.
  • Advanced Modular - 4-High Landscape with helical, screw or ballast.
  • TITAN - 2-High Portrait for sites greater than 1MW with pile or screw.


  • TITAN for sites with good soil.
  • TITAN Duo for sites with rock or cobble.
  • Helical for sites with soft soil or shallow bedrock.


  • A-Frame foundation for 3rd-party tracker systems.
  • Designed for poor soil conditions.
  • Dual post, with helicals or ground screws.
  • Leveling flanges and telescoping posts for topography.


  • Pre-engineered kit.
  • Stamped for all 50 States.
  • Concrete-free foundation design.
  • Includes all components required.

Ready to get started?

Advanced Modular
  • 4-High Landscape
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • PowAR Snap Clip
Ready Rack
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Helical, screw or ballast
  • Extreme flexibility
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Pile Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
  • 2-High Portrait
  • Screw Foundation
  • Asymmetrical 3-Rail
A-Frame Foundation
  • Screw Foundation
  • Uses 3rd party racking
  • Cost effective